Food Combinations, Timings And Portion Sizes Are Equally Important

Once and for all, it is time to dispel the myth that eating less is not akin to a healthy you. A light and easy diet is definitely not about starving yourself. On the contrary, a light and easy diet paves the way for you to indulge your cravings in a balanced way, whilst benefitting your body. And for this, you not only need to understand what to eat, but also the various food combinations that work wonders for your body, the ideal timing when you should be having them and what your ideal portion size should be.

Let us first start with food combinations. When you consume specific quantities of carbohydrate-rich food (no matter how starchy) with a protein-rich food (containing essential amino acids like tyrosine and lyosine), along with a percentage of good cholesterol such as a few spoons of clarified butter, the overall glyceimic index of the food gets reduced and instead of increasing your body fat, it helps in cutting down your body fat.

Similarly, if you have a sweet tooth that you simply cannot resist, it is best to have a portion of sweet (don’t binge mind you!) first thing in the morning. it is before your first morning meal that your blood sugar happens to be the lowest, so having a sweet or chocolate or sugary drink at that point of time will not make you fat ever, as compared with bingeing on the same in the late evening or in the night. Similarly, mindful eating helps you determine your portion sizes better.

Remember, ideal portion size is something that cannot ever be dictated, as it differs for every person. So you need to figure it out on your own, by not getting distracted by the television or facebook, when you are sitting down to eat.

Stop Counting Calories, Start Calculating Nutrition!

Many a times, we end up depriving our body of requisite nutrition by counting calories instead of nutrition. So the next time when you see a fresh coconut milk shake or a bowl of regular yogurt instead of skimmed, or even a fresh feta cheese salad, don’t skip it for some so-called ‘low-fat’or ‘fiber-rich’ or ‘gluten-free’ crackers and green tea. You’d rather eat healthy portions of the nutrient-rich foods for nourishing your body.

Therein lies the secret of a light and easy diet, which means never, ever denying your body its essential nutrients whilst cleverly balancing the calorie intake with the ideal food combinations, portion sizes and the correct timing.